Leathernecks MC, International, the Jason Dunham Chapter

Like A Duck, The Squids Take To The Water


 Our very own Leathernecks M/C member, Naval Corpsman "Doc" Roman was recently selected for promotion to Chief .  Prior to the promotion ceremony, evidently their "Chief Selectees" have to do pennance (Squids have all these crazy ceremonies) by performing what menial tasks the current Chiefs have in store for them on short notice.  Last week Doc was required to have coffee and donuts delivered to the Chiefs mess in San Diego with a couple of hours notice.  This week it was to have a profitable car wash with one days notice.  Due to the leadership skills Doc learned while training with the Marines he takes care of, they pulled the proverbial rabbit out of their funny looking hats.  Check out the photos, I always wanted a squid to wash my scoot!  Thanks Doc!

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