Leathernecks MC, International, the Jason Dunham Chapter

RIP Jerald Nelson "Infidel" Leathernecks M/C Int.


 Today I attended the funeral of a true American War Hero, that of Jerald C. Nelson, USMC.  Jerry was a "Marine's Marine", highly decorated for wounds in action and for his bravery in combat.  He was the real deal.  A Marine highly trained as a Force Recon Team Member, a billet which is the pinacle of Marine Combat units.  Jerry faced the invisable wounds that PTSD brings to those who experience real combat.  I know that Jerry is now in a better place, his final duty station, guarding the pearly gates of heaven.  God Bless you Jerry, may you have the peace you so sorely deserve.

Your are gone from this earth, but truly not forgotten.

Your friend and brother, Mike Cummins, Sgt. USMC 1966-1969, Republic of Viet Nam

None Forgotten, None Left Behind!

Please see the attached documents and photos.

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