Leathernecks MC, International, the Jason Dunham Chapter

A Sad Farewell


 The Jason Dunham Chapter has recently lost two of our beloved sisters, wives of our valued brothers.  Ladies who have lived the hardest job in the Marine Corps, a Marine’s Wife.

Words and deeds cannot express our sadness of these recent losses.  It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind us, it’s what you leave when you go. 

Sharen Adair and Julie Sigroi left the presense of heartfelt love for their families, a life of honor, respect, dedication  and the abilty to touch and help others while they themselves were happily exhausted from giving an outpouring  of dedication, love, and guidance to their families and friends. 

Sharen and Julie, you are sorely missed, but live on in the hearts and minds of those you touched.

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