Leathernecks MC, International, the Jason Dunham Chapter



As we do every year, we attended the annual Wreaths Across America wreath laying at the National Veterans Cemetary in Lake Worth, Fl.  We were very moved and greatful to join a large gathering to honor our fallen by helping lay over 4000 wreaths at these hollowed grounds.  We gave special tribute to our own Leathernecks and family members interred there.  Julie Sgroi, Gerald Nelson and John Justice were so honored by us with special prayers and tribute.  That being said, it does nott leave out tribute to all who have arrived at their final duty station.  Semper Fi brothers and sisters, may you rest in peace and as long as someone, civilain or military, honors your resting place and says your name, you will never be forgotton.  We honor you all for your service and sacrifice.

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