Leathernecks MC, International, the Jason Dunham Chapter

Honor Flight, Fort Lauderdale Airport


 The Jason Dunham Chapter of the Leathernecks M/C had the distinct honor of attending and honoring veterans of WWII returning from an honor flight to Washington DC to allow these members of “The Greatest Generation” to get a chance to see the WWII memorial built to honor those who served.

It was an outstanding event, very emotional, and provided a chance for those of our community to honor those who fought for our freedoms and to recognize them.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the airport that night.  What was especially moving was the fact that so many young people and children were there to remember and honor those who have allowed and preserved our freedoms and our way of life throughout the entire world.  It was a time where every person in this country contributed in one form or fashion to support those in uniform.  It’s good to know that our children today have been exposed firsthand to their history and continue to honor those who so valiantly fought for them and all those who followed them.

It is the Leathernecks M/C International, Jason Dunham Chapters commitment to attend every honor flight that is held at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Our hand salute goes out to our veterans and the civilians who made this possible for our gallant heros.

SEMPER FIDELIS, Leathernecks M/C Int.


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