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1st Annual LCPL Janos V Lutz PTSD Awareness Ride


The Leathernecks M/C, Jason Dunham Chapter had the distinct honor and privilege to assist in the “1st Annual Janos V. Lutz PTSD Awareness Ride”, held on Sunday, Jan 12th, 2014.  The ride started at Western High School in Davie Fl. and followed a police escorted ride for 26 miles to CB Smith Park.  Following the speakers I honestly don’t think there was a dry eye in the park that day.  To witness so many Gold Star Mothers and families in one place at the same time was almost too much to bear.  The price of freedom was very visible there for all to see. 

Please visit our photo gallery within this website to see more pictures of the event. The Jason Dunham Chapter of the Leathernecks M/C will continue to support those veterans’ causes and veteran families in need in our area, God willing.

The following is a semi-redacted article in an electronic conversation between Stephanie Shor, a dear friend of Janine Lutz and a major contributor to the organization of this memorial ride and gathering and Scott Fish, a reporter with the Sun Sentinal, Fort Lauderdale

Subject: PTSD Awareness Ride Sunday January 12Hi Scott,

I followed your questions:

Do you happen to know around how many bikers were part of the ride? 

Is there are particular place the money raised is going to? 

Is it Janos and not Johnny?

How did you get together with Janine? Were you friends? 

Why did you guys decide to target bikers and make the event start with a ride? 

Was the elephant she broke from any particular place or made by someone? 

A comment on how you thought the day went? 



We have a solid estimate of 700 riders plus several hundred cars who participated in the ride. When we got to the park, many cars were already there and more cars and bikes continued to arrive after the ride was complete and the presentations started.

We are raising funds to increase awareness and provide programs and services for veteran’s health and wellness aimed at reducing anxiety, lessening distressing reactions, or simply help veterans get through bad times.  

Yes, it's "Janos"; his nickname was "Johnny."

Janine and I were introduced several years ago by a mutual friend, Dawn Valentin. Janine approached me in October, 2013, and asked me if our foundation, the Body Mechanics Wellness Foundation, a 501 C 3 nonprofit organization, could sponsor the "1st Annual Janos V Lutz PTSD Awareness Ride." We were glad to assist this worthwhile cause. We are good friends now and complement each other; we only had three months to plan the event; we learned that a year of planning is normal. We're starting now for next year!

Janine taught me, and it was a revelation, how large and compassionate the motorcycle community is in South Florida! There are so many clubs and thousands of enthusiasts! We went to many of the places frequented by the motorcyclists: Everglades Park, Cafe 27, Flossie's, for example.We even went to the annual "Blessing of the Bikes" at States Motorcycle Club.

I have never seen such a compassionate community - they really support and care about each other. They were wonderfully supportive of our efforts, as exhibited by a large turnout that we are told is unprecedented for a first ride.

Gunny Jack Parsons' tireless efforts to engender community support were a huge help to our efforts. He and his motorcycle club, the Jason Dunham Chapter of the Leathernecks, directed the lineup of the bikes at Western High School, no mean feat. Bikes were arriving in groups, sometimes twenty at a time.

Town of Davie Councilmember Marlon Luis delivered a Proclamation, declaring January 12th, the "1st Annual Janos V Lutz PTSD Awareness Day." Kudos also must be given to Assistant Vice-Principal Derek Gordon, for above-and-beyond efforts to help us obtain approval to lineup in the school parking lot on a Sunday morning.

Gunny said this was the very first ride of his life where he saw so many riders with passengers, indicating the communal reaction of heartfelt compassion.

"This is emotional and hits everyone in the heart."

That was certainly true by the reaction of everyone watching the presentations.

There were many tears, especially when "Dear Mom" was sung, with those who had lost a family member standing together.

Betty Wood Garza touched the flag as it was folded up after the parachutists' jump, and expressed her appreciation for the privilege of living in the U.S., a first-generation patriot.

I am writing you probably more than you expected, but it was so gratifying to feel the sense of caring and patriotism in our community, something we need a lot more of today, when most of the people we see in our daily lives are in their cars or on one of the many screens we never take our eyes off of when we're not driving. The interaction and implied interdependence was compelling and powerful.

The elephant was Janine's brainchild to illustrate her point that PTSD "is not a dirty little secret." Shelleen Eberhart, one our volunteers from Davie, brought us the elephant, donated by "Paint Your Own Pottery" 6121 Orange Drive, Davie.

The letters were painted by NSU high school volunteer, Kali Rose Noblett.

I thought the day was exhilarating - when we pulled out of Western High School, bikes two by two, followed by the cars.. the line stretched on out of my sight line. When we would go around a curve, or turn a corner, you just couldn't see the end of it! When we got to the park, the parking lot already looked to be full of cars; people were there who wanted to get to the event early.

I have to say Lt. Paul Brugman, of the Davie Police Department, masterfully    co-ordinated 4 police departments: Davie, BSO, FHP and Pembroke Pines to ensure the safety of the ride, and it went off without a hitch!

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness delivered a profound Proclamation and stayed for the entire event. He understands the importance of this issue and the immediacy of the need to deal with it.

And Janine, who spent the one-year anniversary of her son's tragic death in the company of her empathetic community, will never fully recover from her loss, but can at least gain satisfaction that maybe she helped save other lives and has alerted others to recognize the signs and symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress.

Please contact me if you require additional information.

In health,



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